In a world flooded with cheap mass-produced goods we at HEFEL Textil have committed ourselves to a strategy based on uncompromising quality. For this reason the product quality of our bedding, the service quality of our collaborative approach to working with our customers, the creative quality of our countless innovations, the marketing quality of our sales support at the P.O.S., sleep and recuperation quality for the consumer and working environment quality for our employees lie at the heart of our thinking and our actions. This quality thinking underpins the rigorous pursuit of two goals. We would like to give our partners worldwide the opportunity of differentiating themselves primarily through high quality products and we wish to turn the precious hours of the nighttime recovery phase into a uniquely refreshing experience for as many consumers as possible. We are passionate about making our quality strategy the cornerstone of all our activities. Valuable and widely appreciated products and satisfied customers and consumers are regarded by our employees as an acknowledgement of their efforts and as an incentive.

We have created a wide range of bedding that is as individual as each person‘s sleeping patterns. HEFEL quilts, HEFEL pillows and HEFEL mattress toppers are noteworthy for offering a sometimes very diverse set of product characteristics. All the products in the HEFEL PREMIUM bedding range epitomise our pursuit of quality, our feeling of responsibility for our truly unique natural environment and our determination to achieve perfection. We remain focussed on a clear concept to guarantee the perfection of our products: 100% Made in Austria!

We hope you will be extremely satisfied with our HEFEL bedding.